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I grew up in the Channel Islands, and on the South East coast of England, and I studied Drama at Bristol University.

At the age of 21 I looked for a spiritual path, as I felt I wanted to understand the deeper meaning of life.  I joined a spiritual order and followed a formal spiritual path for 14 years.  My book ‘Windows on a Path to Grace’ was an attempt to put into words all that I had learned from this setting.

I trained in social work and worked in various social care settings, combining creative arts with counseling and therapeutic group work.  After further training I worked in private practice, and in other clinical settings, using counseling, flower remedies and energy healing.  Among my clients were victims of domestic violence and traumatized refugees from war zones.

Moving to Portugal in 2006, I continued my healing and counseling work and also developed a range of flower essences, Harmony Essences, which I use with my clients.  These natural remedies use the energy of certain flowers to heal states of emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance.

Through my healing practice I developed the gift of mediumship.  Inspired by my own ability to contact the spiritual realms, I have just completed the book “Universal Lessons”, which offers perspectives on the afterlife.

Music and song have always been part of my life, and I have always enjoyed creating lyrics and melodies.

I have been married to  Barry for thirty five years, and have shared with him a lifetime of laughter and inner growth.  My son Robert works as a psychiatrist in London, and my daughter Laura produces documentary films.